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Spirit of America Match results

08 Sep 2022 9:02 PM | Leo Cebula (Administrator)

Team Results

2022 SOA Teams Day 1.pdf

SOA Team 2-Angel Fire.pdf

SOA Team 3-Raton.pdf

SOA Team GrAgg-Tm Tot.pdf

Individual Results

Trudie Fay SOA Winner Grand Aggregate and Long Range Aggregate

Curtis Gordon SOA 2nd Place

Brandon Green SOA 3rd Place and High Service

Norma Mayo SOA High Woman

Zevin Linse SOA High Young Eagle and Winner Short Range Aggregate

Jim O'Connell SOA High Grand Senior Target Rifle

Tom Hassing SOA High Senior F-Open

Ron Gorski SOA High Grand Senior F-Open

Russel Dobbs SOA High Sharpshooter


22 BERC SOA Results-Sling D1 rev.pdf

22 BERC SOA Results-Sling D2.pdf

22 BERC SOA Results-Sling D3.pdf

22 BERC SOA Results-Sling D4.pdf

22 BERC SOA Results-Sling ShortR.pdf

22 BERC SOA Results-Sling LongR.pdf

22 BERC SOA Results-Sling GrandAgg.pdf


22 BERC SOA Results-FClass D1.pdf

22 BERC SOA Results-FClass D2.pdf

22 BERC SOA Results-FClass D3.pdf

22 BERC SOA Results-FClass D4.pdf

22 BERC SOA Results-FClass ShortR.pdf

22 BERC SOA Results-FClass LongR.pdf

22 BERC SOA Results-FClass Grand Agg.pdf


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