Bald Eagles Rifle Club

2023 Spirit of America

Team Result

Day 1 Winning Team:  USNRT Gold-Mrnak. Left to Right: Kent Shomber, BERC; Bryan Mrnak, Coach; Oliver Milanovic, Nate Guernsey, Matt Griffin, John Fields.

Day 2 Winning Team:  Left to Right USNRT-Gold Friguglietti: Kent Shomber, BERC; Curtis Bohemian: Jerry McDonough; John Frigugliettii; Eric Sundholm; Amanda Eisenboss.

Day 3 Winning Team: USNRT Friguglietti, pictured above.

Combined Team Aggregate Winners USNRT Friguglietti, pictured above.

Team Awards

Individual Results

Day 1 Aggregate

Oliver Milanovic

Oliver Milanovic Winner Day 1 Aggregate

Day 2 Aggregate

John Friguglietti Winner Day 2 Aggregate

Day 3 Aggregate

Curtis Gordon Winner Day 3 Aggregate

Day 4 Aggregate

Yvonne Roberts Winner Day 4 Aggregate

Daily Awards

Short Range Aggregate

Oliver Milanovic Winner Short Range Aggregate

Long Range Aggregate

Oliver Milanovic Winner Long Range Aggregate

Aggregate Trohpies

Grand Aggregate

Oliver Milanovic Winner Grand Aggregate

Grand Aggregate Awards

Trudie Fay High Senior Grand Aggregate

Jon Howell High Grand Senior Grand Aggregate

Pictures from the SOA at Raton, NM

76 photo(s) Updated on: 28 Sep 2023
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