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2022 Membership Letter

25 Sep 2022 8:37 AM | Leo Cebula (Administrator)

To:  The General Membership                                                                         9/24/22

       Bald Eagles Rifle Club

       Raton, N.M.

From:  Rick Hunt


           Bald Eagles Rifle Club

           Raton, N.M.


     First off, I'd like to inform you of the passing of the current President, Dennis VanLier.

President VanLier served the Bald Eagles with distinction for many years.  It is unknown at this time if, or when, a funeral will be held.  Any sentiments can be sent to Pat VanLier at  3717 Spring Oak Dr.,Modesto, CA  95355,  We all sympathize with her loss.

     Due to Dennis' passing, we held an emergency board meeting.  In that meeting, I was nominated as President and it unanimously passed.  In accepting the Presidency, I had to resign my position as Board Director at Large.  Tom Hassing was nominated, and accepted that position.  He is now in charge of the Whittington Center contracts, and for submitting the Spirit of America match documents to the NRA.  Ron Gorski is in charge of medals, and trophy's.  (And of course, anything else that comes up)

     The following is a result of the votes at the General Membership meeting and the emergency Board meeting:

Rick Hunt        Tony Miller             Russel Dobbs     Randy Pike     Ron Gorski

President         Vice- President     Secretary            Treasurer        At-Large

Tom Hassing    Leo Cebula

At-large             Webmaster

     Everyone's contact information will be posted on the websight very soon.

     As this is almost an entirely new Board, I would like to point out that two members are F-Class shooters.  In that way, they will have a voice concerning F-Class in future meetings.

     We added two permanent (non-Board) positions.  Yvonne Roberts is in charge of stats during matches.  And Bob Churchill is now what we call the”Target Master”.

     As with any of our matches in the past, volunteers are still a necessity to run successful matches, so volunteers are always needed.

     Minutes of these meetings will be posted in the Members Only section of the webpage.

     Some of the highlights of the Membership meeting and the Board meetings are as follows:

1.    Due to the Rocky Mountain Palma, and the Santa Fe Long Range Regionals, being money losers for the club the past 3-5 years,  we have decided to offer these matches to Byers, temporarily.  With two provisions in mind:  First, those matches retain sponsorship by the Bald Eagles (in name only), and second, we get them back when we find ourselves in a better position to hold them.  

2.    It was also expressed, that if Rocky Mountain Palma and the Santa Fe are eventually retained, they will be split apart from the Spirit of America match.  We tried to move those two matches to June like they used to be, but there were no openings in June at the Whittington Center.  21 days is just too long for most people to attend the matches. Therefore, moving them or not holding them became the answer.  Negotiations with Byers is ongoing.

3.    Due to dropping or moving RMPM and Santa Fe, the match entry fee's for Spirit of America will drop to $250.00 for individuals participating in the 4 day match.  There will be three team days ahead of the Spirit of America.  Team fee's will be $25.00 per shooter, per day.

4.    The $15.00 charge to the Whittington Center remains unchanged and non-negotiable.

5.    We are dropping the 500 yard stage of the Spirit of America match pending NRA approval.

6.    We had a Colt Single Action Army pistol, cal. .45 Long Colt, donated by Mike StClair.

We held an auction at the awards ceremony/dinner, and received $3000.00 for the club.  Thank you Mike.

           As the new President, I look forward to hearing from all members.  I keep an open door policy as I expect the same with the rest of the new Board members.  We will uphold the mission of the Bald Eagles Rifle Club to the best of our ability.  And I look forward to serving you and the Founding Members for the next few years. 

                                                                       Thank you for your time


                                                                        Rick Hunt


                                                                        Bald Eagles Rifle Club

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